When I grow up I’m moving to London

London is a modest city. Physically, it doesn’t have as much to offer as other European cities I’ve visited. Its streets don’t boast the obvious architectural beauty of Paris and it doesn’t have the quaint waterfront of Copenhagen. Unlike say Danes, Londoners aren’t obviously identifiable as being Londoners. For those of us who have never been before, we often think of London in terms of … Continue reading When I grow up I’m moving to London

What’s the craic in Dublin?

People often ask me why I chose to study abroad in Dublin. Why not choose more popular European destinations like England or Spain? The combination of factors that lead me here is quite ordinary and I won’t bore you with my decision making process, but I have a better question: Out of a school of 50,000 students, why am I the only Longhorn studying in Dublin? … Continue reading What’s the craic in Dublin?

Bali: A peaceful madhouse

Bali is at once both a peaceful haven and a chaotic hive. Known as the “Island of the Gods,” there’s no shortage of religion. Just visit one of the island’s 20,000 Hindu temples or try not to step on the tiny shrines set outside of local homes and businesses. But travel down the winding roads through bustling villages and you’re suddenly overwhelmed by activity: Families … Continue reading Bali: A peaceful madhouse