Photoblog: Prancing around Prague

My family’s holiday tradition is very non-traditional. In the past several years, we’ve traded wrapping presents for packing suitcases. Last year we were in Sydney; the year before that, Singapore; the year before that, Munich. I’ve also spent Christmas in Paris, Rio de Janeiro and Patagonia through the years. My dad’s job has taken us around the world; now my parents have landed in Singapore. This Christmas, we met in the middle (sort of): Prague.

Traveling far and wide may seem more glamorous than driving to grandma’s house, and when co-workers make small talk about their Christmas plans, I tend to stay quiet until asked; not for a lack of excitement, but because my family’s holiday “tradition” is no more exciting than anyone else’s. The truth is, it was mostly born out of circumstance. Losing loved ones means there is no grandma’s house nearby. Moving abroad means it’s often easier to explore other locales than to travel home. Living across the world means that my family only converges once a year. So the idea of going “home” for the holidays has evolved into something less physical. For my family, it means simply being together, no matter where that may be.

Which is all to say that Prague itself served as a rendezvous this Christmas, where neither me nor my parents had to travel 21+ hours to see the other. And it was beautiful and exciting, don’t get me wrong. I’m still amazed at how fortunate I am to experience the world as fully as I have at 22. But what I’m trying to say is that it’s not about where you spend the holidays, it’s about who you spend them with.

But, Prague is still pretty damn lovely to look at. And if you want to photos 10x better than mine, check out my brother’s photography here.





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