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Is Houston the coolest city in Texas?

As an adult I’ve always grappled with how to answer the simple question: “Where are you from?” As a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin, it felt wrong to say that I’m from Houston. I had grown up there, but I had also just spent three of my formative high school years in Rio de Janeiro and was reluctantly relocated back to the Houston … Continue reading Is Houston the coolest city in Texas?

Photoblog: way out in West Texas

If you’re from Texas, you’ve probably seen at least one picture of someone standing in front of an abandoned Prada store. If you’re not, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. “Tough to get to. Tougher to explain. But once you get here, you get it.” Whoever came up with this town promotional slogan for Marfa, Texas is a genius. When my boyfriend and I … Continue reading Photoblog: way out in West Texas

Some Texans feeling blue

Things might be looking up for voter turnout in Texas. After this year’s midterm elections, Indiana beat us for last place in the nation. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we did any better. In fact, that’s still pretty abysmal. Unofficial numbers from the Texas Department of State show that about 4.7 million people voted for a Texas gubernatorial candidate in a state with … Continue reading Some Texans feeling blue