Girls ‘went’ wild west: photos & recap

Our travels on the road have long since been over, and for the past week and a half it’s been back to the reality of answering emails and playing catch-up. Now that I’m finally sitting down to write this blog post, I’m not even sure what’s left to say (I’d rather show you with all the great photos I got!). I honestly can’t believe everything that we did in the span of two crazy weeks. We said we wanted to go on a road trip, and we did. It didn’t seem all that out of the ordinary until we crossed the Canadian border. At that point I just laughed.

“Holy sh*t guys, we just drove to Canada, and we’re only halfway done.” It was pretty surreal.

At first we couldn’t wait to get out of Texas. In each of our city stops, we tended to ask ourselves whether or not we could see ourselves living there. My fave was Seattle, Sheridan liked San Fran and Ashley was enamored with Venice Beach (ha). But traveling within the US gives you a different feeling than traveling abroad. On the one hand, you’re still in your home country, so things are pretty normal. On the other hand, everything is different. I started to realize (even more than before) how attached I am to Austin, and I couldn’t wait to get home.

So many people that we talked to about our trip said, “Oh I’ve always wanted to do something like that!”

Just do it. If you have a car and good friends to travel with, then you’re set. We woke up to see the Grand Tetons towering over us,  ate late-night poutine in Vancouver, survived Highway 1 and played in the Google ball pit.

As far as photos go, we were only in each city for a day or two, and getting photos from a moving car isn’t very fun. Despite my initial “not getting enough photos anxiety,” I mostly just decided to put the camera down and enjoy the ride. But here’s some of what I did get, which is hardly enough to convey all the adventures of #girlsgonewildwest.

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