Why I quit my job to travel

I’m officially a millennial stereotype. Last month, I quit my 9 to 5 to pursue my love of travel. I made the decision about six months ago, although that didn’t make it any less terrifying. I’ve since received an overwhelming amount of support from former coworkers, friends, and family. But contrary to many life advice columnists who tout quitting to pursue their passion, I didn’t hate … Continue reading Why I quit my job to travel

The Rio Olympics proved the haters wrong—and I’m not surprised

This post was originally published on Bustle.com. In the media coverage leading up to the 2016 Rio Olympics, we mostly heard about the threat of Zika, the unfinished rail lines, thepolitical unrest, and the frightening crime stats. But as the 2016 Games drew to a close and nothing catastrophic happened, we’ve still hardly heard anything about the friendly locals or the city’s vibrant energy — and … Continue reading The Rio Olympics proved the haters wrong—and I’m not surprised

Photoblog: Prancing around Prague

My family’s holiday tradition is very non-traditional. In the past several years, we’ve traded wrapping presents for packing suitcases. Last year we were in Sydney; the year before that, Singapore; the year before that, Munich. I’ve also spent Christmas in Paris, Rio de Janeiro and Patagonia through the years. My dad’s job has taken us around the world; now my parents have landed in Singapore. This Christmas, we met … Continue reading Photoblog: Prancing around Prague

Photoblog: Way out in West Texas

If you’re from Texas, you’ve probably seen at least one picture of someone standing in front of an abandoned Prada store. If you’re not, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. “Tough to get to. Tougher to explain. But once you get here, you get it.” Whoever came up with this town promotional slogan for Marfa, Texas is a genius. When my boyfriend and I … Continue reading Photoblog: Way out in West Texas

Down under the Sydney sun

I’m not sure what kind of expectations I had before going to Australia. I wasn’t picturing the stereotypical image of kangaroos bounding across dry, red outback, but I certainly wasn’t anticipating the multicultural metropolis that I found Sydney to be either. All I know is that it exceeded them all. I’d move to Sydney in a heartbeat. It’s clean and diverse with beautiful beaches and weather. The locals (many of … Continue reading Down under the Sydney sun

BYOB: Brew Your Own Beer

By Anna Daugherty, Emma Ledford and Alex Vickery As the do-it-yourself culture grows, brewing their own beer is becoming a favorite hobby for Austinites. With over 20 craft breweries, annual beer festivals, two homebrew supply stores, and a crafty reputation, it’s no surprise that Austin has developed a vibrant, supportive and ever-growing homebrewing community. Dave Ebel has been homebrewing for almost eight years. He got started when his … Continue reading BYOB: Brew Your Own Beer

Holiday travel survival guide: the essentials

The holidays are a lovely time of year. For most us, they mean getting away from work and school to spend quality time with our loved ones. Whether you plan on sunbathing on a faraway beach or just relaxing on mom and dad’s couch, it generally involves traveling. And let’s face it, getting there is hardly ever easy. If you plan on flying, then you’ll … Continue reading Holiday travel survival guide: the essentials

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2014 recap

There was much fun to be had–three times as much–in Austin this weekend. Fans at Fun Fun Fun Fest enjoyed gorgeous sunny weather for three days of music, comedy, skating, even wrestling. The festival, which pairs its stages with different genres, boasted a wide-ranging lineup with something for everyone, including nostalgic nineties punk bands, heavy metal mainstays, up-and-coming producers, indie rock favorites and a Mercury … Continue reading Fun Fun Fun Fest 2014 recap

Austin’s premiere pole dancing studio allows students to embrace their inner monkey

By Lingnan Ellen Chen, Alice Kozdemba, Larisa Manescu and Alex Vickery To passersby, the small, unassuming studio on Manor Road doesn’t look like much. The big, yellow “Brass Ovaries” sign is the only thing that hints at what’s inside, and that doesn’t say a whole lot if you’re unfamiliar with the name. Every now and then, someone will knock on the door and ask if … Continue reading Austin’s premiere pole dancing studio allows students to embrace their inner monkey