The man behind the stage: Josh Siebert

One of my journalism classes this past semester was divided into three parts, each devoted to a multimedia component: video, graphics and photo. Going into photo I was a little apprehensive, as it was the last part of the semester (when my motivation is running low), and when I would have to follow around a stranger and photograph their life for 3 weeks. I first tried to think if anyone I knew led an interesting, photogenic life and finally remembered a guy I had met briefly by chance a few weeks earlier who had struck me as an easygoing, genuine and intriguing person: Josh Siebert. No weird introduction was needed and I could avoid awkwardly approaching a stranger. Still, I barely knew him.

What was amazing about Josh — and every journalist’s dream — is that he was incredibly open about his life, inviting me into it with open arms. It was challenging training the writer in me to visualize the story with photos instead of words. But as the stage manager at the Mohawk and Austin Psych Fest, owner of The Womb and an all-around social guy, I had no problem getting more than enough photos. Although, as you will notice, I am no professional photographer and getting photos in low-light settings is no easy task.

Nevertheless, I went into this experience looking to get a grade, and what I ended up with was a friend; along with an even bigger desire to get to know people and their individual stories and a greater respect for photographers. I’m happy to be able to tell a story that not many people get to see, one that I am personally inspired by, and of a person that many concertgoers take for granted when attending a great show. Hopefully I did you justice, Josh!

I could not for the life of me embed the SoundSlides into this post, so click on the image to view the photo story.

Screen shot 2013-05-17 at 10.20.16 PM